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5 Business Benefits of Hiring Concierge Security

When hiring security, the primary concern for any company is safety – but it’s also worth noting the other benefits concierge security can bring to the table.


These days, businesses have a lot to think about when running a successful operation, and security is an aspect that should be at the top of every company’s priority list. Making sure it’s done right, therefore, is crucial, and to some businesses it requires a certain sense of finesse that you don’t get with other security aspects.


Concierge Security is the perfect solution for businesses who need something more casual, yet equally as effective, as a standard security service – and by doing so, it brings a range of business benefits.


1. Security With Sophistication


Some businesses, an example being those in the hospitality sector, require an aura of sophistication in everything they do. When you consider how important security is for any business, it means that the previously mentioned companies need a security service that suits their needs.


With this service, you get the expertise of a security professional, coupled with the approachable and non-threatening demeanour of a concierge. For many companies, this is the perfect combination of safety and hospitality that is required.  


2. Build Stronger Relationships With Customers


Building a loyal customer base is a vital aspect of running a successful business, and once established, to maintain it you should always be looking for ways to build stronger relationships with them.


By being more approachable and removing the tough exterior of the stereotypical security guard, concierge security makes the whole experience of entering your workplace more casual and appealing. Therefore, this can build a degree of trust that you don’t see from the average business-to-client relationship.


3. Offer Something Your Competitor Doesn’t


Business 101: Set yourself apart from the competition, offering something that your competitor doesn’t. In this case, it can be something as simple as more up-market security in the workplace.


Many businesses hire a standard security service to suit their needs, which is efficient and serves its purpose. To other companies, services like concierge security are an opportunity to go the extra mile, and make their business the most appealing option.


It may not be a direct positive regarding the service your company offers, but making your business more approachable to potential clientele is never a bad thing.  


4. You’ll Have More Highly-Qualified Employees On Site


Having the most efficient, highly-qualified employees is a priority for any business. So, by hiring concierge security, you’ll be bringing in personnel who are not only highly qualified in regards to security, but also have the management skills to handle situations that may become a problem for other types of security staff members.


The addition of employees that can offer a more diverse skill-set will go a long way to increase the overall ability and potential of your workforce, leading to less errors and ticking more boxes when it comes to impressing clients.


5. A Better Workplace Atmosphere


The atmosphere in the workplace can have a big effect on the productivity and efficiency of employees, and therefore the overall success of a business.


From their appearance and demeanour to their pleasant attitude, concierge security come complete with factors that can contribute to a more productive workplace. Employees will have the peace of mind of knowing there are professional security in the building who are trained to manage situations in a calm, diffusive manner.


Security can often put people on edge, such as when entry to the building is more strict and requires searches, metal detectors, ID checks and the like. Concierge security will maintain a friendly, yet firm attitude so that they carry out their duties in a way that doesn’t make the experience tense or hostile.


No matter the scale of your business or what industry you’re a part of, security plays a significant role in the success of any company. The level of security needed for each business will vary based on these factors. Many will require concierge security to maintain the standard of safety and relaxed atmosphere that will continue their success.


If your business needs the expertise of our concierge security professionals, or if you have any questions about any of the services we offer, the team here at Close Circuit are happy to help. Contact us via 0203 246 0094 or email

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