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There are lots of valuable items and cash in retail stores, making theft a huge problem that could strike at any time. According to a recent investigation by police forces from Wales and England, shoplifting is on the increase.

Sadly, there are not enough police officers to respond to calls because of the government’s austerity measure that has cut officers numbers by 22,000. And with the looming no-deal Brexit that could increase customer patronage due to panic-buying, there’s no better time to hire SIA security guards from a reputable security company in London.

Here are other additional steps you can take to curtail retail theft.

1.     Keep Your Store Organised

A messy store provides the perfect opportunity for shoplifters to steal your valuables. By the time you notice, they are long gone. Hence, it’s always better to arrange your items, so you’ll know exactly where everything is. Keeping your store organised ensures that you are quickly aware if anything goes missing.

2.     Arrange Items with Theft in Mind

Your design layout can significantly reduce the number of theft cases. Place items that are easy to steal at the edges of the counters. This poses difficulty to shoplifters as the items are in the open. Your employees are also able to check items remaining to see if there’s a correlation with the sales record.

3.     Install CCTV

If you own a large store, then a CCTV camera can be your eyes in sections that are out of sight. You can also place them above till points, near entrances and exits and outside the premises. With security cameras, you can easily spot shoplifters before they make any attempt.

4.     Anti-Shoplifting Sign

An effortless way to deter shoplifters is to place anti-theft signs or stickers at the main entrance and other points in your store. A sign that says “Beware, CCTV in operation” can easily scare potential thieves away.

5.     Check Your Staff

Well, shoplifters are not the only ones who can steal your valuable items; your staff can too. Employee theft is a common occurrence in England. Therefore, endeavour to check your employees’ purses, bags and coat as they leave for home.

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