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Security and a Smile: Why Concierge Security Will Have a Positive Effect on Your Business Image

A company can use a whole range of marketing techniques to improve a customer’s perception of the business, but it’s often what you do on the ground floor that’s most effective.


As a business, your image is a permanent form of marketing, even when you don’t have an active campaign. Every aspect of your company will contribute to your business image, from the services you offer, right down to the quality of security you have in the lobby.


Hiring concierge security gives your business the approachable and sophisticated safety experts needed to make them feel secure and relaxed in your workplace – all while maintaining your professional, competent business image.


Professionalism From the Front Door Onwards


A company needs to provide its clients with a professional service in every single area. This means that when your customer walks through the front door – whether it’s the first time, last time or any in between – they should be impressed with what they see and how they’re treated.


An essential part of concierge security is incorporating the approachable, helpful attitude of a concierge into the duties of every-day security personnel. Not only do your clients feel secure; they also have a group of employees ready to handle any issues or enquiries they have – whether it’s security-based or otherwise.


Showing such a high level of professionalism to a client from the moment they walk in the door will say nothing but good things about how you carry yourself in other areas of business.


Customer Care


A company that employs concierge security is making it clear that safety is not the only priority; it’s also how well looked after its clients are. That does not just mean being protected from danger, but also having all other needs taken care of while in your workplace.


For example, if a competitor hired a security service who were there to simply protect the company’s property and assets, disregarding customer needs in the process wouldn’t say a lot for their business image, would it? If your business treats both security and customer care as primary concerns, it creates a positive business image and enhances your reputation as a company that values its clients.


It Shows You’re Willing to Go the Extra Mile


In certain establishments like high-class hotels, it’s essential to have concierge security, but for some businesses, it’s not a deal-breaker if they don’t have it. With that said, those that choose to employ concierge security, even when the situation may not call for it, demonstrate the ability to go the extra mile for their clients. If you’re willing to put in the extra effort here, then your customers will see you as a company who will do so in every aspect of their profession.


Making any attempt you can to improve the atmosphere of the workplace, your staff-to-client relationships and showing how important safety is regarded will mean your business image will reflect a company that’s willing to do whatever’s necessary to achieve success.


Style and Sophistication


Concierge security has various benefits, each bringing a positive trait to the table. Aesthetically speaking, it even gives your business a sense of style that many of your competitors won’t have.


A stylish and sophisticated business image will go a long way to establishing yourself further as a brand, putting you on the right path to becoming an authority in your industry.


From small businesses to large organisations, every company should always be focussed on promoting itself in the best way possible. This takes everything into account: from your marketing and your services, right down to the first faces your clients will see in the lobby. It all contributes to promoting a positive business image. Concierge security is a popular service in a wide range of industries as it fulfills a pair of essential business goals: brand improvement and customer satisfaction.


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